May 17, 2011

expedit love

i finally have the playroom of my dreams. mostly.

despite my pruning of the unncessary, i always feel like i hold on to too much still and that my kids have too many toys. part of this is because it's true and the other part of it is the guilt-inducing voice of my mother, even though when she says that my kids have too many toys i just smile and say, yeah, you're probably right.

when i say it in my head, though, i feel ill and wish i wasn't so sentimental. as you can see, there are plenty of things in our newly (and finally) reorganized play space, that even my youngest has already outgrown. but get rid of our spiel und holz blue ball roller, for instance? i just can't.

getting the expedit was the solution to every playroom storage problem i ever encountered (finally, i have something that the oversized haba orchard game fits on without hanging over the side, the fabric itso bins fit in it better than they fit into the plastic itso cubes, and it's so darn stylish and pretty. i pet the expedit often!)


i want to paint the wall behind the expedit but i haven't figured out which shade of teal i want yet.

this is the homeschooling/reference/art and activity section and where i feel like "having too much" is most evident.

but i did manage to clear space for a future laptop workstation. yay!

however, let's keep it real, yo! even though everything has it's place, i'm not always big on putting everything back in said place. the kids take 1.2 seconds to wreck my picture perfect playroom and sometimes i don't get around to picking things back up. so this is often how it looks at bedtime and upon waking....

notice that my work space "space" is now home of a dolly bed, but this won't last.

 this morning i had to finish the vacuuming i didn't complete yesterday so the playroom actually looks much more like the first photo since everything was tidied up. but, my neighbor's called me with an emergency baby-sittting request and that's them at the door right now so it'll look like a disaster again in no time flat!

and this is what i meant when i told my husband the other day that cleaning up with small children underfoot is much like shoveling the walk while it's still snowing. i didn't mean that one shouldn't even attempt to manage a clean home, but that it often times feels unrewarding and pointless. sigh.


  1. That is a really neat room! I LOVE the very high ceiling. Is this a basement room?

  2. thanks - i love the high ceiling, too! this is our family room, right off the kitchen. basements are nearly non-existent around here but having one would be so neat!


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