April 10, 2011

oh i am tired...

this weekend has been all sorts of fun. didn't spend much time creating and the majority of my house is in disarray, but my husband and our two little ones had a great time just hanging out with each other.

my oldest was on a choir trip that he was looking forward since the start of the school year when we all thought his choir would make it to washington D.C. (not enough kids were able to commit to the trip due to funding/fundraising issues). the ended up performing just 12 hours away and that suited this worry-wort mama just fine. he's a freshman and something about him travelling cross-country in a bus without me still made me nervous. sending him off to dallas, though, wasn't too nerve-wracking at all.

the other day i told awesome papa that i'd make my first awesomuffin sale within the week. and this morning i did! it was totally one of my bestest friends but it still counts and she had no idea that i'd set this intended goal for myself (though she quoted wayne dyer on her facebook today and i had to giggle to myself, the power of intention being one of my all-time favorite things to test out every now and then!) also, i am completely honored that she liked one of my prints enough to want to hang it up in her kitchen. i am stoked, actually.

i have so much to do and i am so tired so i think i'll go to bed soon (i'd say early, but it's almost midnight)...i want to finish editing one more illustration, possibly list a thing or two on etsy, and then call it a night. tomorrow i have big plans of dropping some stuff off at the post office and then finishing the rearrangement going on in the play room. i have rearranged the play room six times since we moved. three times since i had to move my art supplies in there. i really can't seem to like the layout but i know it's temporary. once sprout no longer thinks it is hilarious fun to get into my sharpies or dry erase markers and tattoo himself, i can have my supplies displayed in a way that's not all closed off and difficult to access. it's hard to explain...i will post pictures soon. i think the space works great as a play area for the littles, i just can't get past something and i can't figure out what it is.

sigh. sprout has been doing really great - he is fully night-weaned and sleeps as late as 6:00 before he and pea wake up and crawl into my bed. but there may not be any editing for me tonight as i hear him calling....

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