February 9, 2011

new house, unveiled (sort of)

well it's been long enough and the small boys are now situated on the couch
with lollipops and cartoons
(after a nutritious breakfast).
the small girls have yet to arrive.
so, i shall share the house photos, all hipstamatic-stylee.

view from driveway

view from door way

the magical entry way

enter and pass bean's room (see door in left corner)
into my crafting area which is not usually this tidy

here is where i attempt to keep pretty things at hand
(like inner peace cards, a wedding album, you know) 
but with little hands in the house all of the time
it is a challenge
this space is also shared with the living room
yay for big, multi-tasking rooms!

we have two multi-rooms, actually.
here's a peek into what the preschool room once looked like.
this is an ever-evolving space.
currently, i do not like.

everyday hallway reminder

and another ;-)

and my favoritest hallway display!

the washroom with the pretty, but mismatched washer and dryer

 my still boring (but de-cluttered) bedroom.

buddha and singing bowl adorn my dresser

i really thought the star lamp would be more impressive through the hipsta lens.

crib my son never sleeps in, door to bathroom

my favorite piece of furniture. ever.
mostly because it cost me all of $2 at a yard sale.

a collection of jars above on bathroom windowsill

the window is my favorite part of the master bath

more pretty things on windowsill

not as awesome as the close-ups but still awesome

vintage chalkware family o' fish
(awesomepapa remembered fondly the mama and
three baby fish from his childhood so we founda set on ebay.
he swore there was no such thing as a papa fish
but when we moved in
i found one on ebay
and made our family, er, school, complete!)

while we're "on" bathrooms, here is the boys'

and here are the stools used for the littles.
don't remind me that one of them is now tall enough to render his useless.

vintage chalkware ducklings
(notice the "big" brother and two "little" ones?)

moving on to the bedroom shared by the littles

toy storage

mama-made painting and my favorite mobile

more toy storage and books, oh my!
bookshelf is two waybasics benches assembled together

the awesome family dining room

pantry love.
ask me if i've got my better crocker on, yet.

and on to the back porch...

awesomepapa-made rock sculpture on our back wall

another beautimous rock sculpture made by the then-four-year-old pea

my awesome gate makes awesomer shadows

can you spot the baby?

the end
(also known as the view from the back porch)

i know. there's no photos of bean's room but when i took all of these, it was his part-time room/my craft storage area/our linen closet since this house has wee linen storage. one day i may show off the entire thing through a real camera lens but i have just been having too much fun with my iPod and the hipstamatic app.

now back to my regularly-scheduled life.


thanks you for making a connection. all comments and feedback are like little sprinkles of starshine!

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