February 11, 2011

best. trade. ever.

oh, i've got some dorky exciting news. i mean, dorky because i'm probably the only person that this would excite so much...or not. who am i kidding? this is an awesome true story, i don't care who you are.

now, if you don't know who kelly rae roberts is, it's okay. i forgive you.

i actually framed and hung up a piece of her art that i took out of an issue of cloth paper scissors in 2007 and it really has acted as an impetus to create and work towards my creative goals, every single time i look at it.

funny side story: because so many of my years are all fuzzied together, i thought i had framed this in the last apartment i lived in, but i moved in with awesomepapa in 2005, so apparently not. either way, it's provided me with a little push to create, love, get in touch with my girly girl side, and just think positive thoughts in a way that nothing else has on such a consistent basis.

now. despite having felt so compelled to frame this, i have to admit that i didn't become an overnight fan of kelly rae roberts. i didn't even remember that was the artist's name until some time later when my mom and i were at barnes and noble, perusing crafty books and magazines as we often did, and she remarked that someone's technique "looked like kelly rae roberts" and i was like "i don't even know who that is" and she was like "yes you do. she's paints all those pretty girls with the pretty eyes with the inspirational phrases" or something like that. and i was still like, huh? that could describe a lot of people. so she went and picked up a copy of taking flight and i was like "oh. her! yes! duh!" and that was that. last year i finally picked up a copy of that book for my very own as it seemed a very good book to add to my collection. i had previously purchased the creative mother but decided with this new copy of taking flight in hand that i would actually DO something other than just flip through it when i got home. i'd heard murmurs of things from my mom, like "kelly rae roberts is pregnant" and i'd check in to her blog every now and then but when i got the book and read her introduction i could relate to a lot of what she was saying. like MUCH more than any other creative book i'd read by all of these very accomplished mothers with several kids that they managed to homeschool while making art alongside. granted, kelly rae didn't yet have a child when she wrote her book but something about her story just resonated with me - even if she made art with her mom growing up and was always encouraged whereas my experience was the exact opposite - but other than that, i could completely relate =). maybe it was the kindred spirit feeling but i felt moved to create right away and even though i was never much compelled to make girlie doll art (even when my mom was on a huge suzi blu kick and would send me links to various videos of suzi on youtube) but suddenly i was. so i started this (but like most things, i didn't finish it, so don't laugh because this is so not even close to being half-done)....

i was in my groove that day and that groove just hasn't been back to visit. this was also early last summer before the whole house buying fiasco went down. so that's my excuse. anyhooooo.....

since reading kelly rae's book and starting that painting i have checked into her blog even more frequently because she is just so. darn. inspirational. like wow! i love her to pieces. within the last two years demdaco has licensed many of her images and turned them into awesome products including repro wall canvas art, doll wall hangings, jewelry, and my favorite...tote bags!

and on that subject, it's no secret that i love me some bags and that brings me to the awesomest trade ever. 

i also love me some orla kiely and lately my interest in her stuff was renewed since my sprout is almost out of diapers and i'm feeling like i want a big mama bag that is not a diaper bag so after weeks of obsessing and seeing this wonderful image every time i did a google image search for "orla kiely bag" or whatever i decided to just be brave and contact kelly rae roberts. i sent her a message to see if she still had the bag and would ever consider selling it. yes, i was fully aware that it was completely fanatical and i wasn't even sure if she was aware of the huge online trend that is reselling and/or trading pretty lovelies.

turns out? she didn't think i was a freak at all and because she's got a little baby boy of her own right now, she just so happens to be in the diaper bag phase and instead of buying the bag, i am trading her brand new a petunia pickle bottom satchel. oh yes. i am.


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