December 7, 2010

we survived

our first day of in home childcare/preschool yesterday.

and it went better (and faster) than i'd expected. there may be some foreseeable challenges but the opportunity to have full-time clients arose before a formal job offer from a counseling service i applied with, so i went with it.

it's not easy, i felt myself lose five pounds yesterday taking care of and being completely involved with four young children all day long. it was fun and challenging and i can admit there are some great perks to this job you can't get anywhere hanging out in my own comfortable home, in loungewear and socks and getting paid for it!

my litttle sprout handled the lack of mama's full attention very, very well and pea just adored the structure to our day (and his playmate - they're a set of sisters, one close enough to pea's age and the other close enough to sprout that i couldn't have asked for a more ideal setting).

i'm getting my bearings, having never done this before, but like my husband told me last night, to quote some other person (zig ziglar, maybe?...don't quote me on that because i don't remember who really said this but...) "you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great!"

and after a challenging and rewarding day (the older sister gave me a hug and blew kisses at me before she left) that was the extra boost of confidence that i needed :)


  1. i grew up in a home daycare... mom did it from the time i was about 10 until i left the house. i got to help out a lot. it was fun but man, idk that i could ever do that! props to you!

  2. I started my preschool in Sept (but I only work part time) and I LOVE it! It's been the best thing I've ever done for myself and for my family. Good luck to you!

  3. oh i am still riding the waves. sometimes feeling so up to the challenges and completely motivated and then other times i feel like this is NOT what i want to be doing. because it's not. i wanted to do part-time preschool, too. in fact, i just reminded my husband of this. full-time childcare is a far cry from what i'd envisioned. another "i'm so torn" blog entry is on the way, stay tuned. lol!

    oh and v - my mom also ran a home daycare when i was in high school. and i knew better, i just thought it would be easier, somehow.


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