October 21, 2010

and the winner is....

allie bennett!

i'll go look through the comments again and see if you left your email address, otherwise you can email me at:

awesomuffin (....at....) gmail (....dot....) com.

on a related but probably irrelevant note, next time i do a giveaway, i'm going to ask that people leave a distinct, new comment for every entry (some of you did this, some didn't...some did after the fact but i'd already had a cup of coffee and was on the ball, so i didn't over-count any entries) but i will admit that it was sort of a task to go through the lengthy comments and see which of the questions were answered in order to give a proper amount of entries to each commenter. it was fun, though and i want to thank everyone that participated and especially thank inspired by finn for being so generous!

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