August 7, 2010

serenity now

this week's edition of "where is it?", much like last week's, is non-existent.
my lists aren't changing much from week to week and that got boring really fast.

in other news, i'm tired of looking at houses, already.

there is such an abundance of short sales and bank owned homes currently on the market and unless a price is alarmingly low, there's no way to tell. some agents aren't listing them as such (maybe intentionally, maybe not) and some aren't advertising their status except in the MLS and the general population doesn't have MLS access. it is so discouraging and you'd think that banks would be eager to get rid of so much inventory but the short sale route can be a headache and foreclosed properties are often listed at market value based on comparable homes in the area despite the fact that they often have tons of damage and need major repairs.

did i say i was discouraged?

it's suddenly not fun anymore.

every single home that i've recently looked at that would work, and work well for us, was complicated. i'm sure there are some properties out there that might be a breeze to deal with, maybe the seller's didn't buy their home during the past few years when home prices were grossly inflated, maybe they're willing to take just what they owe so they can walk away without any penalty, i'm sure there are motivated sellers but so far, all i've come across has been home and after home where the owner has already or is about to jump ship. and i'm tired.

on top of that, we don't even have our pre-approval letter yet. i know our situation was complicated and involved massive amounts of paperwork and two file folders were submitted to underwriting, not just one. yeah, we're those people (though the mortgage guy assures me there have been worse). but i can only be patient for so long, or i guess i should say, i can only be patient for a certain amount of time, then i get all crazy whacked out anxious. or to sum it up in one word: twitchy. then i take a deep breath and a bunch of smaller breaths and talk myself down but the longer this goes on, the quicker it cycles so i can maintain calm for much shorter amounts of time and when i've been waiting for something important like this for more than two weeks no one can even tell that i'm chill at all. ugh.

wow. so here's an entry that pretty much went nowhere. the boys are not letting me complete a thought and we do have to leave for pea's gymnastics class in about 15 minutes and this slacker mama isn't even dressed. it should count for something that the boys are all fed and ready to go, but yeah. i should probably not to try to bring this blog entry to any sort of meaningful close.

although, i could add one more thing to my list of things to find, afterall....

my serenity.

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