July 7, 2010

there's no place like home

i am very excited and feel that good things are on the horizon. after trying to make the leap from personal (albeit, online) journalling to full-on blogging and failing miserably, i have finally stumbled across a space that feels real and inspired. somewhere i can call home.

this won't be a space dedicated to simply sharing my art. i tried that and i found it overwhelming to share art-specific goings-on, but that was probably more due to the fact that i started my craft blog in hopes that i would bemotivated to make art more frequently, but it was right before the youngest boy was born and well. i was highly optimistic but it fizzled out quickly. it's only been in recent months that i've made it a point to do something creative every.single.day. and i just don't feel like revisiting that blog.

this won't be a blog dedicated to just reviews, i tried that, too. it is true that i have a lot of experience and could probably review at least one exciting product a week, but i wasn't. i felt that i had to review type of thing (mainly baby gear) in order to appeal to readers that like review-specific blogs but that was too limiting.

this won't be a place where i constantly dote upon or joke about my kids. i tried that, too - and while it seemed like the best fit, i wasn't quite in love with the name i chose and felt like i couldn't encompass everything that i am, everything that i love, and everything that i like to write about on that particular blog. i love my children dearly and sharing this journey of life with them is fantastic but there's more to me than the fact that i am a mother - and while it is interesting to think about how i've been a mother half of my life, the truth is, this isn't really a part of my everyday thought process. i don't dwell on how i was a teenage mother because i'm not anymore. truth be told, i didn't even once sit around and write about that topic in that blog even though that was supposed to be a big part of it. so i'm leaving it all behind...

and that brings me here, to my new blog. it is inspired by my children but here i will also share my art, my thoughts, my growth, my experiences, my reviews. about everything. and anything.

welcome to my home :)

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