July 17, 2010

stuff i need to find

it seems i'm always misplacing shit or putting it down and then completely forgetting about it and piling on the paperwork or the laundry or whatever. this has included losing the social security card of my youngest child (it was on my husband's desk buried under stacks of his paperwork for months). misplacing my oldest son's eyeglass prescription (in a new purse with a hidden pocket i had no business using). just last week, i couldn't find the mail key for two days.

i am a tons better than i used to be. i've grown much more organized with age but temporarily losing things is a way of life around here so i figured "Stuff I Need to Find" could be a regular blog feature.

welcome to the first list...it is as follows:

  • necklace with my two older children's names and dates of birth on silver pendants, because (15 months later) i finally ordered a pendant for my youngest son and it arrived yesterday
  • the receipts from my last trip to target
  • the bob the builder crocs that would fit the youngest right now
  • the keens that would fit him later
  • the black soaker with an om symbol knit into the rear which i somehow lost before the sprout ever had a chance to wear it (it's a size small. i got it when pregnant. i haven't seen it since he was a newborn, it is likely gone forever, taken by gremlins. it may be a permanent fixture on the list.)

if you're not running such a tight ship that you never misplace anything, feel to free to share your own list.

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