July 13, 2010

boys and barbies (or broken barbies)

in my last entry i'd mentioned how only one of my little boys was probably going to play with barbies.

that would be bean, my fourteen year old. and no, he doesn't still.

but i said that because the four year old, pea, hasn't shown any interest in dolls (and the baby just throws them or hits them).

then i go through my box of barbies (of which i took to a children's resale place and i won't even tell you how much they gave me for them because i might cry) and the pea finds rollerblading teresa! he'd asked me, while i was sorting through the 18 billion dolls i had, if he could keep one. and aside from her hot super 90s neon outfit, she made sparks. of course we could keep her!

see, for some weird reason (maybe because i'm a girl and played gently with my toys) the "flicker n' flash" action on her rollerblades still worked. i wanted to take a picture of the crazy ass sparks they were creating as my fearless little boy repeatedly flicked them. but then he took her for a spin around the kitchen. the sparks were flying so high i thought something might actually catch fire and after that, the flint was good and broken. if i could count the shit my kids have broken, i would...i don't know, start a website about it.

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