April 8, 2010

busy little bee

i have neglected the blogs (and writing, in general) in the past month or so because i have been preparing for my upcoming nuptials. yup, blessed papa and i are finally making this official.

we've been in the planning stages for a while, after setting a date about seven months ago. but, as with most things, i put things off or wait until the pressure of "last minute" is upon me to really get moving. so. last month i was printing invitations, and in recent weeks i have been working on my vows, selecting the readings for our ceremony speakers, compiling our reception playlist and still have to print programs, water bottle labels, and do a million other little things.

there's like 16 days left.

i just found the right dress yesterday.

so, as much as i'd love to type up a bunch of reviews i've been meaning to post over here and kick off two exciting giveaways for the mama crowd, it's going to have to wait until next month.

i thought i could handle the everday day to day, on top of writing an article, and planning and preparing for my wedding but it's crunchtime and my house is a mess. i have slacked in the blog (and article-writing) department and need to focus solely on wedding plans right now.

needless to say, i thought some tiny update was necessary. i'm still here ;)

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