January 28, 2010

teary-eyed thursday morning

this was the first thing i saw this morning.

my mom sent me the link in a facebook message because she obviously knows how to reach me ;)

mom 2.0: defining a moment

it is the most beautiful, touching, and TRUE sentiment on motherhood i've ever come across.

and i was inspired to write and share:

this morning, the snow is lightly falling outside
reminding me that winter really isn't almost over,
but running a little late, instead

our tender saplings, planted last year
sway in the wind, i imagine they will all survive
as their buds prepare to make an appearance in the spring

my mind is heavy and tired
my heart full of love, breasts full of milk
a reminder of last night's sick baby
on the mend now, i wait for him to nurse with
his usual delight as long he wants or needs to,
throughout the rest of this glorious day

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