December 23, 2009

morning hustle

sprout has sprouted teeth!

so our petite wooden baby spoon from nova natural is no longer safe and will soon have little teeth marks on it, i'm sure.
and speaking of wooden baby spoons, this one on etsy is delightful!

but back to sprout. he is my latest teether - at eight and a half months, his bottom two teeth have just emerged. i felt the obvious white teething bumps last week, even though there have been times in the past four months that i thought they were noticeable. two days ago, i saw the tell-tale "teething blisters" on his bottom gums and last night felt the ridges of newly sprouted teeth!

he did so well, too. i learned with pea that humphrey's and amber teething necklaces (not for actual teething on but worn for their anti-inflamation properties) are everything they're cracked up to be. so it must have been intuitive that i put the amber necklace on sprout about four days ago. two nights ago i gave him some humphrey's as he was really restless and wouldn't settle to sleep but i was expecting a few more restless nights before his teeth actually made their way through the gums.

looks like it was also intuition that i got him another natursutten teether at whole foods the other day. i bought one when i was pregnant but it has mysteriously disappeared and i've never found it in the eight months since his birth. of course, a quick google of the product produces links to the canadian recall of natursutten teethers.

it doesn't look like the US has issued a recall, but the paranoid in me is hoping i didn't throw away the package so that i can compare the UPC number to the canadian products involved. the rational in me is saying it hardly matters if the water has a little bacteria in it because i wouldn't let my child chew on something his teeth could puncture. but then i get paranoid all over again and wonder how i would even know when his teeth would be sharp enough to do such a thing.


how quickly a blog entry can get diverted. here's an interesting read about a similar recall for nuby liquid-filled teethers - canada lead the way, FDA guidelines aren't as stringent but the US quickly followed suit.

maybe we should just stick to our wooden spoons and wooden teethers. even though, no matter how often i rinse them, i'm sure bacteria breeds in the wood, too. but if my base knowledge of bacteria is accurate, the normal bacterias we're exposed to daily wouldn't pose as much of a concern as some other, unknown bacteria potentially dwelling in a toy.

so instead of posting more pictures, my entry has come to an end with an unknown "what to do?" about our natursutten apple teether because i have to take a shower and go run some last minute errands with the boys.

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