October 26, 2009

the sweetest perpetual calendar

one of my favorite additions to our seasonal table is this sweet, little perpetual calendar by sukie (from chronicle books).

my three year old takes pleasure in spinning the wheels every day. he's an expert at changing the date since he's been able to recognize his numbers, with ease, for about a year and with a little help, he is learning the abbreviations for the days of the week and months. the cutest part, i think, is that there's a wheel you can turn to display the current weather conditions with pictures - a storm cloud, bright sun, raindrops, etc. and he loves being our little forecaster every morning.

i think everyone needs one of these cheery calendars, even if not to display on their waldorf-inspired nature or seasonal table ;)

anyhow, i'm going to be quite shallow now and stop singing the praises of all things sukie because fedex just rang the bell. my new joovy kooper is here....wheeeeeee!

but here's a hint: there are a couple of chronicle ads on my blog - click through to use a coupon for 30% off and free shipping on your entire order!

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