August 9, 2009

i always save my reciepts!

for a little while, anyway. for important stuff, until the receipts expire and for not-so-important stuff, long enough to know if what i've purchased is going to work for me.

my partner, on the other hand, doesn't save his receipts at all. we can stop for a snack at costco after checking out and risk losing the proof that we've paid for the items in the cart because he's so quick to toss the receipt as soon as he can.

and this, a trip to costco, is what i am writing about today. tonight, whatever.

see, two weeks ago we needed toilet paper and i like to buy this sort of thing in bulk so i don't have to run out of it often and think about picking it up at target on a weekly basis. usually we buy it at sam's but we recently got a corporate account with costco and decided to go on a family outing just to get toilet paper. i like quilted northern so when i was comparing its price to another brand at costco, i figured it was the better deal, overall, because the other HUGE package contained individually wrapped rolls and i felt that wasn't quite eco-friendly enough for me.

so i grabbed the quilted northern, noticing that the package was purple instead of blue and that there were some words on the package like "new" and/or "improved" but it didn't concern me. it was the only type of quilted northern in the place and i figured northern couldn't mess up what it did best.


the new "ultra plush" quilted northern is worse than charmin. and i'm sure some people really love their charmin with it's fun colors and weird scents. and without going into a ton of detail about what i prefer in a toilet paper experience, i'll just say that charmin is too lint-y. and well, "ultra plush" quilted northern is, too. it might even be moreso than charmin.

a few days after we brought home this insane amount of crappy (har har, that was maybe a pun) toilet paper, my partner informs me that he doesn't like it. i agree. he doesn't like it because the rolls are thicker and shorter than the standard roll or even the typical double roll so it fits on the holder awkwardly. i couldn't care less about that, but the lint this stuff produces is astronomical!

lesson learned, we won't be buying it again (i wonder if sam's club has the regular quilted northern.....). fast forward a few nights later, i'm watching late-night TV and notice a commerical for this stuff with a money-back offer if you're not completely satisfied. and i'm completely not, though i know the receipt is long, long gone.

why did i feel compelled to blog about this? because this toilet paper is gross and i'm out $17. i just want to spare someone the same horror. i mean, try it if you must. buy it if it's on sale. you might even like it.

but just in case you don't, save that receipt!


  1. costco will accept returns without a receipt. They have a record of your purchases.

  2. thanks michelle! i thought so but wasn't sure. we've been using it so i don't know that they'd accept a half-empty case but i did email the good people at northern and (this just reminded me) i have to get back with them with my batch number and UPC - they may honor the money back guarantee, afterall. AND they aren't actually replacing regular northern with this so i can still buy the blue label. just not at costco.


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