June 12, 2009

i sense some bitterness


perhaps dilbert's mother never had that daughter she always wanted.

i saw this cartoon, one morning, as i was reading the sunday paper, weeks after it arrived on my driveway (who has time to read it the morning it's delivered?) and it struck me as not very funny, but maybe i understood some of the psychology behind the mother's lack of interest, if i read too much into it, of course. it reminded me of how i never want to parent my sons with indifference, not as children and not as adults.

of course, i have no idea what scott adam's issues are with his mother or why he made this particular comic strip (can anyone argue that it has nothing to do with his own mother?) but for some reason, in my fuzzy, exhausted head i felt like sharing it. now, even weeks after i first read it and started this blog, i cannot fully explain the impact it had on me.

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