December 17, 2008

my house may not be clean but...

my loving mate brought me home a winter bouquet tonight, with my favorite flowers - lilies. though only one was open, i suspect the others will bloom beautifully.

and i made my first batch of from-scratch chicken stock tonight. i didn't cook a whole chicken but used the bones and skin from a chicken we roasted the other night. there was more meat on the bones than i thought so i made note: don't add veggie scraps when there will be meat to salvage. or else it's messy and takes forever to seperate.

but aside from the hassle that is removing carrot peel from very, very soft chicken, the results are prettiful!


tomorrow we will be having chicken noodle soup and potato rolls for dinner. yum!

i've been working on the pinwheel blanket as often as i can and i'm reconsidering my lengthy estimate. who knows when i'll finish, but i know it would be a lot sooner if my interchangeable needles didn't come apart at the cable extender. it's happened at least four times and i drop stitches and because of the nature of the pattern, i literally lost a stitch once and worked about an inch outward until i realized that i was off by one stitch (after i had more than 120 stitches on the needles, i stopped counting the number of stitches in each of the ten sections). i was quite frustrated but i just picked up another and kept working after my oldest son reminded me that it was for me, not a customer. and who was going to notice anyway? hopefully when the blanket is all spread out it isn't terribly obvious, because after all the frustration i wasn't about to frog back to that mistake, and i had already convinced myself that that would be insane even before my son tried to reassure me that it was okay.

you can't really tell how large the cicumference is, but this is what the progress looks like so far:

and now it's a little bit after eleven, and this crafty mama is also a tired mama. i'm not really looking forward to trying to sleep in a semi-upright position but that "severe hip butt thigh pain" has made the last three nights something i never want to go through again. i'm going to try this to see if it's easier to get up in the middle of the night and in the morning. it seems every time i find a tactic for dealing with the pain, it only lasts a few days, but until i can get an appointment for physical therapy i've got to do something. and on that note, instead of sharing more of my crafty mc craftiness, i am off to brush my teeth and try out my experimental sleeping position.

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